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HAERI, Shaykh Fadhlalla, Son of Karbala. Foreword by Seyyed Hossein Nasr. O Books, 2006. XIV, 234pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 59174 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

HALLIDAY, Fred, Two Hours That Shook the World. September 11, 2001: Causes and Consequences. London 2002. 256 pp. Softcover. Pencil underlining; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 42281 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

HANSKA, Jussi, Strategies of Sanity and Survival. Finnish Literature Society, Helsinki, 2002. 220pp. Original wrappers.

[ ATA: 11536 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

HARTMAN, C. G., Buddha, Kami, and Human Being in Shinko Shukyo Religions of Japan. Helsinki 1971. 140pp. Soft covers. a few stains on front cover.

[ ATA: 51140 ] Pris: 600Kr SEK

HASEGAWA, Seikan, The Cave of Poison Grass: Essays on the Hannya Sutra. Arlington 1875. 182 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 42609 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

HEGARDT, Bernhard, Meditation i öster- och västerland. Larson 1974. 159 s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 12862 ] Pris: 90Kr SEK

HEILER, Friedrich, Die buddistische Versenkung. München, Ernst Reinhardt 1918. VIII,93,(3)pp. Original wrappers. Presentation copy. Worn wrappers.

[ ATA: 15002 ] Pris: 90Kr SEK

HEILER, Friedrich, Sâdhu Sundar Singh. Ein Apostel des Ostens und Westens. München 1924. 233 (3) pp. Publisher's yellow cloth. In good condition.

[ ATA: 36754 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

HERTZBERG, Arthur (ed.), Judaism. New York 1963. xxiii, 262 pp. Paperback. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 48114 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

HINNELLS, John R. / Eric J. Sharpe (ed.), Hinduism. Oriel 1972. x, 224 pp. Softcover. Some pages with yellow marker, else in good condition.

[ ATA: 44072 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

HOFFMANN, Helmut, Die Religionen Tibets. Bon und Lamaismus in ihrer geschichtlichen Entwicklung. Freiburg 1956. 214 pp. Ill. Publisher's cloth with dj. Signature on front fly leaf; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 44721 ] Pris: 250kr SEK

HOLAS, B., Les Dieux d´Afrique noire. Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner S.A., Paris 1968. 284pp.Paperback. Ownership plate (Jan Bergman).

[ ATA: 4177 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

HOLROYD, Stuart, Krishnamurti: The Man, The Mystery and The Message. Element 1991. 162 pp. Softcover. A few pencil notes.

[ ATA: 42947 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

HOVI, Tuija/ PUURONEN, Anne (eds.), Traditions of Belief in Everyday Life. Åbo Akademi, Åbo, 2000. 205pp. Softcover. Religionsvetenskapliga skrifter nr 51.

[ ATA: 59085 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

HSIEH, Douglas H. Y., Advanced Dim Mak. Compiled and edited by Douglas H. Y. Hsieh. Fourth Printing 1989. Meadea Enterprise Co, Inc. Republic of China. McLisa Enterprises, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96806. Printed in Taiwan. (6), 148pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 60109 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

HUMPHREYS, Christmas, A Western Approach to Zen. London 1971. 212 pp. Softcover. Pencil underlinings.

[ ATA: 32312 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

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