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CEADEL, Eric B. (ed.), Literatures of the East, An Appreciation. London 1953. 194 pp. Publisher's decorated red cloth.

[ ATA: 36156 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

CH'EN, Kenneth K. S., The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism. Princeton University Press 1973. x, 346 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Prev. owner's bookplate on inside of front board. Very good condition. Dj is a little worn to edges.

[ ATA: 43849 ] Pris: 600 kr SEK

CH'IEN, Edward T., Chiao Hung and the Restructuring of Neo-Confusianism in the Late Ming. Columbia University Press 1986. x, 367 (7) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43840 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

CH´ EN, Kenneth, Buddhism in China. A Historical Survey. Princeton University Press, Second printing 1973. xii,560pp. Clothbound paperback with both wrappers tipped in. Hardcover.

[ ATA: 53806 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

CHAN, Hok-lam / Wm. Theodore de Bary (ed.), Yüan Thought: Chinese Thought and Religion Under the Mongols. Colombia University Press 1982. xiii, 545 (5) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43844 ] Pris: 750 kr SEK

CHANDRAKIRTI'S MADHYAMAKAVATARA. Introduction To The Middle Way. With Commentary by Jamgön Mipham. Translated by the Padamakara Translation Group. Shechen Publ. 2004. xiv, 412 pp. Publisher' yellow cloth with dj. In good condition.

[ ATA: 49767 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

CHARPENTIER, Louis. Les mystères de la cathédrale de Chartres. Robert Laffont 1971. 255pp. + plates. Softcover. Worn. Pencil annotations on first, blank, leaf. Pencil linings.

[ ATA: 56617 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

CHAVARRIA-AGUILAR, O. L., Traditional India. New Jersey 1964. vi, 154 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 42164 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

CHODKIEWICZ, Michel, Seal of the Saints. Prophethood and Sainthood in the Doctrine of Ibn `Arabi. Translated by Liadain Sherrard. Golden Palm Series. The Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge, 1993. (8),192pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58836 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

CIMDINA, Ausma (ed.), Religion and Political Change in Europe: Past and Present. Pisa University Press 2003. 282 (6) pp. Softcover. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 50635 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

CLEARY, Thomas, Entry Into the Inconceivable: An Introduction to Hua-Yen Buddhism. University of Hawaii Press 1983. 222 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. A few pages with underlining in pencil.

[ ATA: 43327 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

CONZE, Edward, Der Buddhismus. Wesen und Entwicklung. 3. Auflage. Kohlhammer 1962. 235pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 52778 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

CORBIN, Henry, Face de dieu, face de l´homme. Herméneutique et soufisme. Flammarion 1983. 382pp. Softcover. Idées et recherches. Pencil underlinings and a few in red.Pencil annotations on small title.

[ ATA: 56553 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

CORBIN, Henry, La philosophie iranienne islamique aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Buchet/ Chastel 1981. 417pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56554 ] Pris: 350Kr SEK

CORNELIUS, Friedrich, Geschichte des Alten Orients. Stuttgart 1950. 129 pp. Origibal wrappers. In good condition.

[ ATA: 32254 ] Pris: 70 kr SEK

COWARD, Harold, Derrida and Indian Philosophy. State University of New York Press 1990. 200 pp. Softcover. Crease to back wrapper. Some pencil underling.

[ ATA: 42298 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

CREEL, HERRLEE G., What is Taoism? And Other Studies in Chinese Cultural History. The University of Chicago Press 1970. (8),192pp. Publisher´s cloth with dust jacket.

[ ATA: 48604 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

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