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KOSHI, George M., The Japanese Legal Advisor: Crimes and Punishments. With a Foreword by Yoshitsugu Baba. Tokyo 1970. 396 pp. Publisher's black cloth with dj. Very good condition. Ex library with two stamps.

[ ATA: 50124 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

KUBOTA, Akira, Higher Civil Servants in Postwar Japan: Their Social Origins, Educational Backgrounds, and Career Patterns. Princeton University Press 1969. xvi, 197 (1) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex library copy (non circulated) with two stamps. Dj is price clipped; else in very good condition.

[ ATA: 47013 ] Pris: 90kr SEK

LÖRCHER, Siegfried, Zur Quantifizierung der >Sozialen Wohlfahrt< in Japan. Hamburg 1976. 205 (XIV) pp. Original wrappers. Ex. library with two stamps; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 36460 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

LAURENTEV, B. P., Karmannyi Yaponsko - Russkii slovar'. (Japanese - Russian Pocket Dictionary). Moscow 1989. 565 (3) pp. Publisher's decorated hardcover. Excelent condition.

[ ATA: 44944 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

LEWIN, Bruno, Abriss der japanischen Grammatik. Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1959. XVI,269,(3)pp. Original wrappers. Upper right corner slightly bumped.

[ ATA: 10971 ] Pris: 400Kr SEK

LEWIN, Bruno, Kay GENENZ, Wolfram MÜLLER-YOKOTA, Jens RICKMEYER, Roland Schneider. Sprache und Schrift Japans. E. J. Brill 1989. VIII,237,(1)pp. Private cloth with first wrapper tipped in (Robert Andersson, Stockholm). Very good condition.

[ ATA: 48631 ] Pris: 800Kr SEK

LINHART, Sepp, Arbeit, Freiheit und Familie in Japan. Eine Untersuchungh der Lebensweise von Arbeitern und Angestellten in Grossbetrieben. Wiesbaden Harrassowitz 1976. 418 pp. Publisher's green cloth. Ex. library with stamps. In good condition.

[ ATA: 48398 ] Pris: 200kr SEK

MARTIN, Samuel E., Essential Japanese: An Introduction to the Standard Colloquial Language. Tuttle 1963. 462 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj.

[ ATA: 35146 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

MATSUYAMA, Osamu, An Introduction to the Languages in Southeast Asia. Editore Daigakusyorin. 134 (2) pp. Original wrappers. In good condition.

[ ATA: 43898 ] Pris: 70 kr SEK

McGREGOR, Richard, Japan Swings: Politics, Culture and Sex in the New Japan. Allen & Unwin 1996. 328 pp. Ill. Softcover.

[ ATA: 36447 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

MEISSNER, Kurt, Lehrbuch der Grammatik der japanischen Schriftsprache. Tokuo 1927. XXIII, 118 pp. + fold out tables. Publisher's green cloth. Prev. owner's bookplate.

[ ATA: 30345 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

MINAMI, Hiroshi, The Psychology of the Japanese People. Translated by Albert R. Ikoma. University of Tokyo Press 19671. xvii, 178 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex library copy. Stamps. In good codnition.

¶ The Sense of Unhappiness.

[ ATA: 45594 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

MISAO, Tatsuta, Securities Regulations In Japan. University of Tokyo Press 1970. xii, 128 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Ex. library witrh stamps. In good condition.

[ ATA: 48350 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

MIZUNO, Kosuke, Rural Industrialization in Indonesia: A Case Study of Community-Based Weaving Industry in West Java. Tokyo 1996. viii, 114 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 36445 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

MIZUTANI, Osamu, Japanese: The Spoken Language in Japanese Life. Translated by Janet Ashby. 2 printing. The Japanese Times 1982. 180pp. Publisher´s soft covers with dust jacket.

[ ATA: 48637 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

MORI OGAI, Saiki Koi and other Stories. Edited by David Dilworth / J. Thomas Rimer. Additional Contributions by Edmund R. Skrzypczak, William R. Wilson. University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu 1977. viii,200pp. Publsher´s hard cover with dust jacket. Volume II of the Historical Litearture of Mori Ogai. Library stamps.

[ ATA: 53850 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

MURAKAMI, Hyoe / Edward G. Seidensticker (ed.), Guides to Japanese Culture. Tokyo 1977. x, 209 (3) pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 50076 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

NAIR, Kusum, Three Bowls of Rice. India and Japan: Century of Effort. Michigan State University Press 1973. 228 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex. library copy with stamps; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 33290 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

NEGANDHI, Anant R., BALIGA, B.R., Quest for Survival and Growth. Praeger Publishers 1979. XVI,163,(1)pp. Publishers hardcover. Ex library copy with dustjacket.

[ ATA: 23491 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

Netto, C., - Wagener, G., Japanischer Humor. Mit 257 Abbildungen, darunter 5 Chromotafeln. Leipzig (F. A. Brockhaus) 1901. (2)X,283,(1)pp. 4:o. Illustrated. Publisher´s decorated boards. Slightly worn. Bookplate of H. W. Aaskowi.

[ ATA: 51512 ] Pris: 1250Kr SEK

NILSSON, Örjan, Se verkligheten. Den japanska vägen till harmoni och utveckling. Malmö 1994. 120 s. Förlagets pappband. En sida med understrykningar med gulpenna; övrigt i mycket gott skick.

[ ATA: 38547 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

NORDSTRÖM-BONNIER, Tora, Min japanska solfjäder. Bonniers 1952. 323,(1)s. Häftad. illustrerad. Ouppskuren.

[ ATA: 15784 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

OFFNER, C. B. & H. Van Straelen, Modern Japanese Religions. With Special Emphasis upon their Doctrines of Healing. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1963. 296 pp. Ill. Cloth with dj.

[ ATA: 2509 ] Pris: 150 Kr. SEK

OKA, Takashi, Prying Open the Door: Foreign Workers in Japan. Washington 1994. xii, 84 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 44707 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

OSARAGI, Jiro, Homecoming. Tokyo 1983. 310 pp. Paperback. Very good condition. donation stamp on front leaf.

[ ATA: 48360 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

OTOHIKO, Kaga, Kreuz und Schwert. Roman über die Christenverfolgung in Japan. Aus dem Japanischen von Ralph Degen. Japan edition,Bebra Verlag, 2006. 383pp. Publisher´s hardcover with dustjacket. As new.

[ ATA: 58297 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

PETTERSSON, Rune, Helhetens harmoni. Intryck från japan. Cicada 1986. 134 s. Il. Förlagets pappband. Gott skick.

[ ATA: 36453 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

POHL, Manfred, Die kommunistische Partei Japans. Ein Weg ohne Peking und Moskau. Hamburg 1976. 341 (XIV) pp. Original wrappers. Ex. library with two stamps; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 36462 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

REISCHAUER, Edwin O. / Albert M. Craig, Japan: Tradition and Transformation. Tuttle Comp. 1981. x, 348 pp. Softcover. Ex. library with two stamps.

[ ATA: 48342 ] Pris: 60kr SEK

REISCHAUER, Edwin O., The Japanese Today: Change and Continuity. harvard University Press 1988. 426 pp. Ill. Publisher's hardcover with dj. In good condition.

[ ATA: 50082 ] Pris: 90kr SEK

REISCHHAUER, Edwin O., My Life between Japan and America. Harper & Row 1986. xiv,369pp. Illustrated. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Dustjacket price clipped.

[ ATA: 53319 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

RIGMARK, William, Jag minns. Ögonblick och händelser. Harriers, 1984. 229s. Förlagets pappband med skyddsomslag.

[ ATA: 60225 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

S. CHO / Nils Runeby (ed.), Traditional Thought and Ideological Change: Sweden and Japan in the Age of Industrialisation. Stockholm 1988. 253 pp. Softcover. Erased signature to front fly leaf; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 31966 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

SÖDERBERG, Marie, Japan's Military Export Policy. Stockholm 1986. 189 pp. Soft covers.

[ ATA: 16978 ] Pris: 150 Kr SEK

SAKADE, Florence (ed.), A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese. The 1,850 Basic Characters and the Kana Syllabaries. Revised Edition. Rutland 1972. 312 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 44945 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

SAKIYA, Tetsuo, Honda Motor: The Men, The Management, The Machines. Tokyo 1982. 242 pp. Ill. Publisher's blue cloth with dj. In good condition. Ex library with two stamps.

[ ATA: 48355 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

SASAKI, Naoto, HUTCHINS, David (ed:s), The Japanese Approach to Product Quality. Pergamon Press 1984. x,134pp. Publishers hardcover. No Dj. Ex library copy with stamps.

[ ATA: 23495 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

SATO, Sadayoshi, Shokai kogo. (Detailed Explanations of Old Words). Tokyo 1978. 542 pp. Original soft bound.

[ ATA: 44942 ] Pris: 200kr SEK

SAUNDERS, E. Dale, Mudra. A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London 1960. xxiv,296pp. + plates. Publisher´s cloth with dust jacket. Hard cover. Bookplate, Name on fly leaf. Slightly worn dust jacket.

[ ATA: 54375 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SCALAPINO, Robert A. / Junnosuke Masumi, Parties and Politics in Contemporary Japan. University of California Press 1971. 190 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 26155 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

SHOMU, Nobori / Akamatsu Katsumaro, The Russian Impact on Japan Literature and Social Thought. University of California Press 1981. 143 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 26119 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

SIMONIS, Heide / Udo Simonis (ed.), Japan: Economic and Social Studies in Development. Harrassowitz 1974. 340 pp. Publisher's green cloth. Stamps. In good condition.

[ ATA: 50431 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

SOKA GAKKI (ed.), Cries For Peace: Experiences of Japanese Victims of World War II. Tokyo 1978. 234 (2) pp. Softcover. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 50178 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

SUZUKI, Yoshio, Money and banking in Contemporary Japan. Yale University Press 1980. XX,256,(2)pp. Publishers cloth. Ex library copy. Stamps. Inscribed on fly-leaf.

[ ATA: 23487 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

TANIKAWA, Hisashi, ALLAN, David E., HISCOCK, Mary E., ROEBUCK, Derek, Credit and Security in Japan. University of Queensland Press 1973. viii,170,(2)pp. Publishers cloth with dustjacket. Ex library copy with stamps.

[ ATA: 23497 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

THOMAS, Gordon / Max Morgan Witts, Döden över Hiroshima. Enola Gay. Malmö 1981. 368 s. Förlagsinbunden med skyddsomslag.

[ ATA: 41570 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

THUNMAN, Noriko, Nakahara Chuya and French Symbolism. Stockholm 1983. 280 pp. Original wrappers. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 47018 ] Pris: 175 kr SEK

TOYODA, Takeshi, A History of Pre-Meiji Commerce In Japan. Tokyo 1969. 106 (2) pp. + 20 plates and 1 fold out map. Softcover. Exlibrary with three stamps.

[ ATA: 48345 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

TSUNOYAMA, Sakae, A Concise Economic History of Modern Japan. Vora Publ. 1965. viii, 132 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex. library copy with two stamps. Dj thorn to edges.

[ ATA: 47065 ] Pris: 125kr SEK

TSURUMI, Yoshi, The Japanese Are Coming: A Mutual Interaction of Firms and Politics. Cambridge 1976. 336 pp. Publisher's hardcover. Stamps. In good condition.

[ ATA: 50432 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

VARGO, Lars, Social and Economic Conditions for the Formation of the Early Japanese State. Stockholm 1982. 189 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 17570 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

VARLEY, H. Paul, Japanese Culture. A Short History. Faber and Faber 1973. xii,227pp. + plates. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Hardcover. Library stamps.

[ ATA: 53314 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

VASIL'EVSKII, R. S. / E. L. Laurov / Chan Su Bu, Kul'tury Kamennogo Veka Severnoi Yaponii. (The Culture of the Stone Age of Northern Japan). Novosibirsk 1982. 204 (4) pp. Ill. Publisher's hardcover. Prev. owner's bookplate on inside of front board. Very good condition. Text in Russian.

[ ATA: 43627 ] Pris: 300 kr SEK

VOGEL, Ezra F. (ed), Modern Japanese Organization and Decision-Making. University of California Press 1975. xxvi,340pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dust jacket. Hard cover. library stamps.

[ ATA: 51239 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

WATANUKI, Joji, Politics In Postwar Japanese Society. University of Tokyo Press 1977. x, 172 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex. library copy with stamps. In good condition.

[ ATA: 48346 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

WHITE, James W., Migration in Metropolitan Japan. University of California 1982. x,322,(4)pp. Soft covers. Ex Library Copy with Stamps.

[ ATA: 23493 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

WHITE, James W., The Sokagakkai and Mass Society. Stanford University Press 1970. xii, 376 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Ex. library with one small stamp; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 50167 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

WILDES, Harry Emerson, Aliens in the East. A New History of Japan´s Foreign History. Scholarly Resources Inc, Wilmington, Delaware 1973. Reprint. viii,360pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dust jacket. Hard cover. Library stamps.

[ ATA: 51240 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

WIRGIN, Jan (ed.), The Ernest Erickson Collection in Swedish Museums. Stockholm 1989. 152 pp. Ill. Publisher's hardcover.

[ ATA: 37411 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

WOMEN'S DIVISION OF SOKA GAKKAI (ed.), Women Against War. Tokyo 1986. 247 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. In very good condition.

[ ATA: 30599 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

WRETÖ, Tore, Vägen till Edo. Japan och västerlandet i upptäckternas tidsålder. Stockholm, Fischer & Co, 1994. 185 s. Ill. Förlagets dekorerade linneband.

[ ATA: 2266 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

YAMADA, SADAMI / ITO, KIYOTADA, New Dimensions in Paper Craft. Japan Publications Trading Company, Tokyo, Rutland, New York 1966. First Edition. 263pp. Quarto. Illustrated. Publishers cloth with dust jacket. Signature on fly leaf.

[ ATA: 44053 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

YUASA, M., How to Write and Read Japanese Correctly. (Seisoku Nihongo no Kakikata Yomikata). I-II. Okazaki-Ya, Tokyo 1921. XII,140 + iv,146,(4)pp. Publisher's cloth. Ex library copy. Spine defective, replaced by red tape. Text in good condition.

[ ATA: 48645 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

YUASA, Yaso, The Body: Toward an Eastern Mind-Body Theory. Edited by T. P. Kasulis. Translated by Nagatomo Shigenori and T. P. Kasulis. State University of New York Press 1987. viii, 256 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 42422 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

YUMIKO. Kurahashi, Die Reise nach Amanon. Roman. Aus dem Japanischen von Monika Wernitz-Sugimoto und Hiroshi Yamane. Japan edition, Bebra Verlag, 2006. 412pp. Publisher´s hardcover with dustjacket. As new.

[ ATA: 58298 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

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