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RAMSTAD, Else W., Vardagslivets kemi och fysik. 141 s. Ill. Häftad.

[ ATA: 23867 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

RAPP, Richard H., Statistical Analysis of Gravity Anomalies and Elevations by Long Profiles and by Areas. 11,(1)pp. Illustrated. Stabbed as issued. Printed original wrappers. Offprint. Stamped on upper cover. Publications of the Isostatic Institute of the International Association of Geodesy, N:o 48. Reprinted from the Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, Ser. A, III. Geologica-Geographica, 79.

[ ATA: 55632 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

REID, William T., Riccati Differtential Equations. x, 216pp. Publisher´s hardcover with dustjacket. Names on front free endpaper. Very Good. Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 86

[ ATA: 59791 ] Pris: 900Kr SEK

REIS, Paul, Lehrbuch der Physik. X,792pp. Illustrated. Half calf. Excellent condition.

[ ATA: 51913 ] Pris: 400Kr SEK

RICKAYZEN, G., Theory of Superconductivity. xvi. 483pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Names on front free endpaper. Otherwise Very Good.

[ ATA: 59467 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

RICKERT, Heinrich, Der Gegenstad der Erkenntnis. Einführung in die Transzendentalphilosophie. Sechste Auflage, Verbesserte Auflage. XXII, (2), 460 pp. Publisher's dark blue cloth. Rubbing to front board. Pages 68-69 a little darkened from promotional card; else a nice and clean copy.

[ ATA: 46977 ] Pris: 400kr SEK

RIECKE, Eduard, Lehrbuch der Physik zu eigenem Studium und zum gebrauche bei vorlesungen 1-2. XVI +´534,(2) + XII + 666,(2)pp. Publishers cloth.

¶ 2 volumes.

[ ATA: 11745 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

ROMANI, Lucien, Théorie générale de l´univers physique. (Réduction à la Cinématique) 1 - 2. 1:Principes et méthodes. Préface de M. Raymond Siestrunck. 2: Applications. XIV,211 + VI,207pp. Softcover with dustjackets. 2 volumes. Pencil markings and underlinings on the first 50 pages of volume 1.

[ ATA: 56378 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

ROTH, W. A. / K. Scheel, Konstanten der Atomphysik. Mit besonderer Mitwirkung von Dr. E. Regener. 114 pp. Publisher's printed cloth. Quarto. Nobel prize winner The Svedberg's copy with signature.

[ ATA: 26105 ] Pris: 350 kr SEK

RUTHERFORD, E., Radioaktive Substanzen und ihre Strahlungen. XII,642pp. + plates. Publishers cloth. A little worn. Ex library copy with stamps.

[ ATA: 26176 ] Pris: 1200Kr SEK

SÖRENSEN, Knud Erik, Astronomi til almanakbehov. 127 s. Ill. Häftad.

[ ATA: 18194 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

SABATIER, P. C. (ed.) Applied Inverse Problems. Lectures presented at the RCP 264 in Montpellier. VI, 425pp. Softcover. Names: Nann and Olle Fröman on Titlepage. Upper right corner bumped-

[ ATA: 59041 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

SAMUELSSON, Carl, Studien über die Wirkungen des Windes in den Kalten und Gemäsigten Erdteilen. 230 pp. Softcover. Very good condition. Presentation copy to the Nobel prize winner The Svedberg'.

[ ATA: 26099 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

SCHAEFER, Cl. / F. Matossi, Das ultrarote Spektrum. Mit 161 Abbildungen. 400 pp. Publisher's printed cloth.

[ ATA: 26100 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

SCHERING, Ernst, Die Schwerkraft im gaussischen Raume. (3), 312-321, (3)pp. Offprint. Nachrichten v. d. K. Gesellschaft d. Wissensch. Göttingen 1870. Juli 13.

[ ATA: 60683 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

SCHERRER, P. / P. Stoll, Physikalische Übungsaufgaben II. Optik, Thermodynamik, Elektrostatik. 103 pp. Softcover. Signature to front fly leaf.

[ ATA: 30476 ] Pris: 50 kr SEK

SCHERRER, P. / P. Stoll, Physikalische Übungsaufgaben I. Mechanik und Akustik. 96 pp. Softcover. Signature.In good condition.

[ ATA: 44901 ] Pris: 50kr SEK

SCHILLING, Friedrich, Über die Nomographie von M. D'ocagne. Eine Einführung in dieses Gebiet. Mit 28 Abbildungen. 47 pp. Original wrappers. Spine worn. Front wrapper with one crease.

[ ATA: 32908 ] Pris: 300 kr SEK

SCHMEIDLER, Werner, Linear Operators in Hilbert Space. Translation by Jay Strum-Revised and edited by A. Shenitzer and D. Solitar. x, 122pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Hardcover. Fröman´s copy.

[ ATA: 59960 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

SCHMIDT, Carl A. (ed.), The Chemistry of the Amino Acids and Proteins. xxiv, 1031 (3) pp. Publisher's red cloth. Signature. Helge Tyrén's copy.

[ ATA: 44859 ] Pris: 200kr SEK

SCHMIDT, Carl L. A. (ed.), Addendum to The Cemistry of the Amino Acids and Proteins. Inclusive of Some Advances Since 1937. xii, pp. 1035-1290 (2). Publisher's cloth with dj. In good condition.

[ ATA: 44787 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

SCHUTZ, Bernard F., A First Course in General Relativity. xiv,376pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 55725 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SEGRÈ, E. (ed.), Experimental Nuclear Physics I - III. x,789 + viii,600 + x,811pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dust jackets. 3 volumes. Name on fly leafs.

[ ATA: 58110 ] Pris: 750Kr SEK

SEGRÈ, Emilio. From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves. Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries. xii,298pp. Illustrated. Softcover. A few pages with pencil underlinings. Name on front free endpaper.

[ ATA: 58319 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

SELLIN, I. A. (Ed.). Structure and Collisions of Ions And Atoms. XII, 350pp. Publiseher´s decorated hardcover Very Good. Fröman´s copy.

¶ Contributions by: I. A. Sellin, S.J. Brodsky, P.J. Mohr, L. Armstrong Jr., J.S. Briggs, K. Taulbjerg, N. Stolterfoht, P.H. Mokler, F. Folkmann, I. A. Sellin, S. Datz.

[ ATA: 59044 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

SESMAT, Augustin, Le système absolu classique et les mouvements réels. Étude historique et critique 691pp. Softcover. Worn cover. Some pencil markings.

[ ATA: 56379 ] Pris: 650Kr SEK

SIEGBAHN, Kai / Hilding Slätis, The Radiation From Active Nitrogen. With 12 Figures In The Text. 32 pp. Original wrappers. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 49687 ] Pris: 400kr SEK

SIEGBAHN, Kai, et al, ESCA. Atomic, Molecular and Solid State Structure Studied by Means of Electron Spectroscopy 282pp. Quarto. Illustrated. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Nova Acta Regiae Societatis scientiarium upsaliensis. Ser. IV. Vol. 20.

¶ Contributions by: Kai Siegbahn, Carl Nordling, Anders Fahlman, Ragnar Nordberg, Kjell Hamrin, Jan Hedman, Gunilla Johansson, Torsten Bergmark, Sven-Erik Karlsson, Ingvar Lindgren, Bernt Lindberg.

[ ATA: 58284 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

SIEGBAHN, Manne, Spektroskopie der Röntgenstrahlen. VI, 575, (3)pp. Publisher´s cloth. Hardcover. Till Carl Nordling från Manne Siegbahn via Kai.

[ ATA: 60651 ] Pris: 1000Kr SEK

SMITH, Howard M., Principles of Holography. xiv,239pp. Illustrated., Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Signature on fly leaf.

[ ATA: 54892 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

SPISANI, Franco, General Theory of Directed Numbers / Teoria Generale dei Numeri Relativi. Testo Bilingue. 247 (7) pp. Original wrappers. Upper right corner heavily bumped. Ex library copy with one stamp.

[ ATA: 46856 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

SQUIRES, E. J., Complex Angular Momenta and Particle Physics. xii,161pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Name on front free endpaper. Small tears on dustjacket.

[ ATA: 58754 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SQUIRES, G. L., Problems in quantum mechanics with solutions. x,254pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58751 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Les équations explicites de la trajectorie d´un corpuscule électrique dans le champ d´un seul pôle magnétique. 11,(1)pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front wrapper. Folding crease.

[ ATA: 34251 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Les équations explicites de la trajectorie d´un corpuscule électrique dans le champ d´un seul pôle magnétique. 11,(1)pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front wrapper.

[ ATA: 34252 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

TÖRNEBOHM, Håkan, Fysik och filosofi. Ett vetenskapsteoretiskt studium. 141s. Förlagets klotband.

[ ATA: 54807 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

THOMPSON, G. P. / W. Cochrane, Theory and Practice of Electron Diffraction. xii, 334 (4) pp. Publisher's green cloth with dj. Helge Tyrén's copy.

[ ATA: 44856 ] Pris: 400kr SEK

THOMSON, W. (Baron Kelvin), On the Rigidity of the Earth. Pp. 573-616. Quarto. Blank wrappers. 2 Verticl folding marks. Tears in lower margin.

[ ATA: 40384 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

THOR, Anders J. / Anders Höglund, Mekanik. Ledningar I-III. 3 vol. 194 + 95 + 109 s. Häftade. Gott skick.

[ ATA: 30468 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

THORÉN, Jesper, Irreducible Representations of Quantum Affine Algebras. 134 pp. Softcover. Ex. library. Stamp on front board; else in very good condition.

[ ATA: 32903 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

TIETJENS, O., Beiträge zur Entstehung der Turbulenz. (1)-19,(1)pp. Printed original wrappers. stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 34272 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

TIMBERG, Gustaf, Om temperaturens inflytande på några vätskors kapillaritetskonstanter. 39,(1)pp. + utvikbar plansch. Blankt omslag. Dedikationsex: 'Prof.C.G. Lundqvist med vördnad och tacksamhet från förf'

[ ATA: 34295 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

TOLMAN, Rishard C., The principle of microscopic reversibility. pp436-439. Printed original wrappers. Stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 34276 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

TRIGG, George L., Lndmark Experiments in Twentieth Century Physics. X, 310 pp. Publisher's hardcover. Ex library copy with stamps.

[ ATA: 44863 ] Pris: 75kr SEK

TRUESDELL, C., The Elements of Continuum Mechanics. 279pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 58756 ] Pris: 600Kr SEK

TRUESDELL, C., Essays in the History of Mechanics. With 126 Figures. (12),384pp. Publisher´s cloth (Linen) with dustjacket. Dedication. Slightly worn dustjacket. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58757 ] Pris: 1000Kr SEK

TRUESDELL, C., An Idiot´s Fugitive Essays on Science. Methods, Criticism, Training, Circumstances. With 30 Illustrations. xviii,654pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Dedication. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58758 ] Pris: 1200Kr SEK

TYNDALL, John, On the Action of Rays of high Refrangibility upon Gaseous matter. pp. 333-365. Blank wrappers with hand written title. Vertical folding marks. Small tear at lower margin.

[ ATA: 40381 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., Die Anordnung und grösse der Atome in den wasserfreien Nitraten der Erdalkalimetalle und in damit Isomorphen verbindungen. 21,(1)p. + plate. Original printed wrappers. Unopened. Stamped on front cover. Ex library copy.

[ ATA: 33951 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., Die verwandtschaftsverhältnisse der Elemente im Licht moderner Atomtheorie. 24pp. Original printed wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33952 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., Results of crystal analysis space lattices and atomic dimenstions. 43,(1)p. + 1 plate. Original printed wrappers. Presentation copy: 'Hr Professor C.W. Oseen Med venlig hilsen fra L. Vegard´. One 1 centimeter long tear in right margin of the plate. Ex library copy. Stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33953 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., Die Struktur des Nordlichts und die Art der kosmischen Strahlen. 16pp. Original printed wrappers. 'Med hilsen fra Forf.' Ex library copy. Stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33955 ] Pris: 400Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., Nordlichtuntersuchungen. 102p. + 5 plates. Original printed wrappers. Presentation copy: 'Hr. Prof. C.W. Oseen Med hilsen fra L. Vegard'.Ex library copy. Stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33956 ] Pris: 1500Kr SEK

VEGARD, L., KROGNESS, O., The position in space of the Aurora Polaris from observations made at the Haldde-Observatory 1913-1914. (10),172pp. + XXXIVb plates + 3 large folding maps. Quarto. Printed original wrappers. Lower right corner bumped. Stamp on front cover.Presentation copy. 'Hr. Professor C.W. Oseen Med venlig hilsen L. Vegard'

[ ATA: 34259 ] Pris: 2500Kr SEK

VON HARTMANN, Eduard, Die Weltanschauung der modernen Physik. X, 233 (1) pp. Private cloth. Signature to front fly leaf (Jean Louis Calais). Very good condition. pages bright and clean.

[ ATA: 34619 ] Pris: 400 kr SEK

WAGNER, Karl Willy, Elektromagnetische Wellen. Eine Einführung in die Theorie als Grundlage für ihre Anwendung in der elektrischen Übertragungstechnik. 268 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Dj is wonr to edges and with a couple of tears; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 46852 ] Pris: 500kr SEK

WALLER, Ivar, Theoretische Studien zur Interferenz- und Dispersionstheorie der Röntgenstrahlungen. vi, 131pp. Softcover. Mycket gott skick. Uppsala universitets årsskrift 1925. Matematik och Naturvetenskap. 1.

[ ATA: 59463 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

WARBURG, E. (ed.), Physik. Mit 106 Abbildungen im Text. VIII, 762 pp. Publisher's printed red cloth. Quarto. Prev. owner's bookplate.

[ ATA: 32233 ] Pris: 500 kr SEK

WASASTJERNA, Jarl A., Lichtbrechung und Atombau. Die Refraktionsäquivalente der Ionen. 18pp. Original printed wrappers. Front wrapper stained and with crease. Ex library copy, stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33517 ] Pris: 350Kr SEK

WASASTJERNA, Jarl A., Molekylernas, atomernas och jonernas refraktionsekvivalenter. 13,(1)s. Tryckt omslag. Ex library copy, stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33518 ] Pris: 90Kr SEK

WASASTJERNA, Jarl A., Untersuchung der Brechungsexponenten des Zinkselenids und des Zinktellurids. 10pp. No wrappers. Ex library copy, stamped on first page.

[ ATA: 33522 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

WEBER, Wilhelm Zur Galvanometrie. 96pp. + 1 plate. Quarto. As issued. Backstrip and edges slightly frayed.

[ ATA: 39662 ] Pris: 4000Kr SEK

WEFEL, Franz, Stern der Ungebornen. Ein Reiseroman. 714 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj.

[ ATA: 14203 ] Pris: 100 Kr SEK

WERNER, Simon, Über lichtelektrische Elektronemission bei Kathodenzerstäubungsschichten. (4),67,(1)pp. Original printed wrappers. Presentation copy to C.W Oseen 'från förf''. Ex library copy, stamped on front cover.

[ ATA: 33530 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

WEYL, Herman, Mind and Nature. viii, 100pp. + plate. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Hardcover. Stamps. The William j. Cooper Foundation Lectures 1933 Swarthmore College .Good.

[ ATA: 59964 ] Pris: 1000Kr SEK

WEYL, Hermann, Raum. Zeit. Materie. Vorlesungen über Allgemeine Relativitätetheorie. X, 338pp. 350pp. Publisher´s cloth. Very good. Fröman.s copy.

[ ATA: 59042 ] Pris: 350Kr SEK

WHEELER, John C., Einsteins Vision. Wie steht es heute mit Einsteins Vision, alles als Geometrie aufzufassen? Mit 10 Abbildungen. VII, 108 pp. Publisher's cloth. No dustjacket. Slight knick on spine. Names on f.f.e.p. Nann och Olle Fröman. Very Good.

[ ATA: 32904 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

WILNER, Torsten, Atomarium. 99 s. Ill. Häftad. Dvagt veck å sista sidor; övrigt i gott skick.

[ ATA: 31244 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

WOHLFARTH, Horst, 40 Jahre Kernspaltung. Eine Einführung in die Originalliteratur. 379 pp. Publisher's hardcover.

[ ATA: 10729 ] Pris: 100 Kr SEK

ZIMAN, J. M., Elements of Advanced Quantum Theory. 269 pp. Publisher's cloth. Spine browned; text is clean.

[ ATA: 26110 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

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