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BAISEKAR, Ramesh S., Your Head in the Tiger's Mouth. Talks in Bombay. Taredo 1998. 427 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 24708 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

BAKHTIAR, Laleh, God´s Will be Done. Traditional Psychoethics and Personality Paradigm The Institute of Traditional Psychoethics and Guidance, 1993. xvi,160pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58665 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

BAREAU, André/ SCHUBRING, Walther/ FÜRER-HAIMENDORF, Christoph von, Die Religionen Indiens III: Buddhismus - Jinismus - Primitivvölker. W. Kohlhammer, 1964. VI,302pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Dustjacket damaged with paper losses. Small date on front free endpaper. Pencil markings.

[ ATA: 58633 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

BAUDOT, Georges, Les lettres précolombiennes. Préface de Jacques Soustelle. Privat 1976. 334pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56518 ] Pris: 450Kr SEK

BENZ, Ernst, Geist und Leben der Ostkirche. Hamburg 1957. 203 p. Paperback.

[ ATA: 18017 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

BERGMAN, Jan, Fornkristna hymner. Dikter av Aurelius Prudentius Clemens. Norstedts 1916. 170 s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 7619 ] Pris: 75 Kr SEK

BERTHOLET, ALFRED / Hans Freih von Camphausen, Wörterbuch der Religionen. Stuttgart 1952. 532 pp. Publieher's cloth with dj.

[ ATA: 22825 ] Pris: 70 kr SEK

BIETENHARD, Hans, Die himmlische Welt im Urchristentum und Spätjudentum. Tübingen 1951. VI, 295 (1) pp. Original wrappers. Small date noted at front fly leaf. A litte worn to top of spine; esle in good condition.

[ ATA: 42556 ] Pris: 400 kr SEK

BIEZAIS, Haralds (ed.), New Religions. Based on Papers read at the Symposium on New Religions held at Åbo on the 1st-3rd of September 1974. Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stockholm, 1975. 223pp. Softcover. Scripta instituti donneriani aboensis VII.

[ ATA: 58471 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

BIEZAIS, Haralds, Die Hauptgöttinen der alten Letten. Uppsala 1955. XII, 436 pp. Original wrappers, Underlinings in pencil and red.

[ ATA: 174 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

BLUMENCRON, Maria, Flykten över Himalaya. Tibets barn på väg till exilen. Malmö 2005. 212 s. Ill. Förlagsinbunden med skyddsomslag. Gott skick.

[ ATA: 44750 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

BOCKELMANN, C. / Johannes Leipoldt / Franz Nikolaus Finck / Enno Littmann, Geschichte der christlichen Literaturen des Orients. Leipzig 1907. VIII, 281 pp. Publisher's decorated cloth. Prev. owner's bookplate on inside of front board; else in very good condition.

[ ATA: 30385 ] Pris: 350 kr SEK

BOECKEL, Johannes F., Meditationspraxis. Techniken und Methoden. München 1977. 192 pp. Ill. Softcover. In good condition.

[ ATA: 30189 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

BOOTH, Ken / Tim Dunne (ed.), Worlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order. New York 2002. viii, 376 pp. Softcover. Pencil underlining; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 42280 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

BORGENSTIERNA, Gert, Försynstanken i gammalgrekisk teologi. Upsala, Lundequistska Bokhandeln, 1948. 79 s. Ryggen nött.

[ ATA: 3681 ] Pris: 65 Kr. SEK

BOSTRÖM, Donald (red.), Inshallah. Konflikten mellan Israel och Palestina. Stockholm 2001. 309 (3) s. Ill. Förlagsinbunden med skyddsomslag. Kvarto. Skyddsomslaget något nött.

[ ATA: 36083 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

BRANDELL, Inga, Algeriet. Demokratins och islamismens tid. Skarpnäck1998. 250 s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 46312 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

BRANDENBURG, Erich, Phrygien und seine Stellung im kleinasiatischen Kulturkreis. Leipzig 1907. 31 pp. Ill. Private half calf. In very good condition. erased stamp on front fly leaf.

[ ATA: 30132 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

BRAYBROOKE, Marcus, How to Understand Judaism. SCM PRESS, 1995. xiv, 93pp. Soft covers.

[ ATA: 59931 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

BRIEM, Efraim, Budda, Muhammed, Jesus. En bok om världsreligionens tillblivelse. Gleerups 1938. 282 s. Häftad. Nött.

[ ATA: 7624 ] Pris: 75 Kr SEK

BRIEM, Efraim, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus. En bok om världsreligionernas tillblivelse. Lund 1938. 282 s. Häftad. Namnteckning. Ryggens huvud litet nött.

[ ATA: 30859 ] Pris: 90 kr SEK

BRIEM, Efraim, Kultur och religion i Babylonien och Assyrien. Stockholm 1926. 175 (5) s. Häftad. Ouppskuren. Något nötta omslag.

[ ATA: 35269 ] Pris: 90 kr SEK

BROD, Max, Heidentum Christentum Judentum I-II. Ein Bekenntnisbuch. München Kurt Wolff 1922. 2 volumes. 318 (2) + 368 (2) pp. With Index. Publisher's half cloth with decorated spines. Signatures clipped from front fly leafs (upper 2cm).

[ ATA: 44422 ] Pris: 250kr SEK

BROWN, Karen McCarthy, Mama Lola: A Vodu Pristess in Brooklyn. University of California Press 2001. 429 pp. Ill. Paperback.

[ ATA: 13199 ] Pris: 125 Kr SEK

BRUNTON, Paul, The Quest of the Overself. Rider & Co without date. 164pp. Publishers cloth.

[ ATA: 16116 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

BUBER, Martin, Die Legende des Baalschem. Umgearbeitete Neuausgabe. Zürich 1955. 322 (4) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 46725 ] Pris: 60kr SEK

BUDDE, Karl, Geschichte der althebräischen Litteratur. Apokryphen und Pseudepigraphen von Alfred Bertholet. Leipzig 1906. XVI, 433 pp. Publisher's decorated cloth. Prev. owner's bookplate on inside of front board; else in very good condition.

[ ATA: 30387 ] Pris: 350 kr SEK

BUKSBAZEN, John Daishin / Tim Jishu Schulz (ed.), JCLA Journal. Summer 1975. Zen Writings - Classical and Contemporary. Los Angeles1975. 83 pp. Ill. Original wraoppers. Coffie stain to inside of lower wrapper and last pages, else good.

[ ATA: 37337 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

BULTMANN, Rudolf, Das Urchristentum im Rahmen der antiken Religionen. Hamburg 1962. 268 pp. paperback.

[ ATA: 27433 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

BUSHNELL, G.H.S., Peru. Natur och Kultur 1958. 219 s. 71 fotografier ,11 teckningar och 1 karta. Förlagsinbunden.

[ ATA: 7653 ] Pris: 75 Kr SEK

CEADEL, Eric B. (ed.), Literatures of the East, An Appreciation. London 1953. 194 pp. Publisher's decorated red cloth.

[ ATA: 36156 ] Pris: 60 kr SEK

CH'EN, Kenneth K. S., The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism. Princeton University Press 1973. x, 346 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Prev. owner's bookplate on inside of front board. Very good condition. Dj is a little worn to edges.

[ ATA: 43849 ] Pris: 600 kr SEK

CH'IEN, Edward T., Chiao Hung and the Restructuring of Neo-Confusianism in the Late Ming. Columbia University Press 1986. x, 367 (7) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43840 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

CH´ EN, Kenneth, Buddhism in China. A Historical Survey. Princeton University Press, Second printing 1973. xii,560pp. Clothbound paperback with both wrappers tipped in. Hardcover.

[ ATA: 53806 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

CHAN, Hok-lam / Wm. Theodore de Bary (ed.), Yüan Thought: Chinese Thought and Religion Under the Mongols. Colombia University Press 1982. xiii, 545 (5) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43844 ] Pris: 750 kr SEK

CHANDRAKIRTI'S MADHYAMAKAVATARA. Introduction To The Middle Way. With Commentary by Jamgön Mipham. Translated by the Padamakara Translation Group. Shechen Publ. 2004. xiv, 412 pp. Publisher' yellow cloth with dj. In good condition.

[ ATA: 49767 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

CHARPENTIER, Louis. Les mystères de la cathédrale de Chartres. Robert Laffont 1971. 255pp. + plates. Softcover. Worn. Pencil annotations on first, blank, leaf. Pencil linings.

[ ATA: 56617 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

CHAVARRIA-AGUILAR, O. L., Traditional India. New Jersey 1964. vi, 154 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 42164 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

CHODKIEWICZ, Michel, Seal of the Saints. Prophethood and Sainthood in the Doctrine of Ibn `Arabi. Translated by Liadain Sherrard. Golden Palm Series. The Islamic Texts Society, Cambridge, 1993. (8),192pp. Softcover. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58836 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

CIMDINA, Ausma (ed.), Religion and Political Change in Europe: Past and Present. Pisa University Press 2003. 282 (6) pp. Softcover. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 50635 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

CLEARY, Thomas (ed.), Transmission of Light: Zen In the Art of Enlightenment by Zen Master Keizan. Boston 2002. xxi, 208 pp. Softcover. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 42604 ] Pris: 90 kr SEK

CLEARY, Thomas, Entry Into the Inconceivable: An Introduction to Hua-Yen Buddhism. University of Hawaii Press 1983. 222 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. A few pages with underlining in pencil.

[ ATA: 43327 ] Pris: 200 kr SEK

CONZE, Edward, The Buddha's Law Among the birds. Oxford 1955. 65 pp. Ill. Publisher's hardcover with worn dhj.

[ ATA: 24193 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

CONZE, Edward, Der Buddhismus. Wesen und Entwicklung. 3. Auflage. Kohlhammer 1962. 235pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 52778 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

CORBIN, Henry, Temple et contemplation. Essais sur l´Islam iranien. Paris, Flammarion 1980. 447pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 55850 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

CORBIN, Henry, Face de dieu, face de l´homme. Herméneutique et soufisme. Flammarion 1983. 382pp. Softcover. Idées et recherches. Pencil underlinings and a few in red.Pencil annotations on small title.

[ ATA: 56553 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

CORBIN, Henry, La philosophie iranienne islamique aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Buchet/ Chastel 1981. 417pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56554 ] Pris: 350Kr SEK

CORNELIUS, Friedrich, Geschichte des Alten Orients. Stuttgart 1950. 129 pp. Origibal wrappers. In good condition.

[ ATA: 32254 ] Pris: 70 kr SEK

COWARD, Harold, Derrida and Indian Philosophy. State University of New York Press 1990. 200 pp. Softcover. Crease to back wrapper. Some pencil underling.

[ ATA: 42298 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

CREEL, HERRLEE G., What is Taoism? And Other Studies in Chinese Cultural History. The University of Chicago Press 1970. (8),192pp. Publisher´s cloth with dust jacket.

[ ATA: 48604 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

D'SOUZA, Marie / Sanjeev Saith, Kashmir: The Himalayan Paradise. London 1990. 40 pp. + 62 color plates. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Quarto. In good condition.

[ ATA: 41447 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

DAGORN, René, La geste d´Ismaël d´après l´onomastique et la tradition arabes. Préface de Maxime Rodinson. Genève, Librairie Droz/ Paris, Librairie Champion, 1981. (4),XXXVI,22,427pp. Softcover. Slightly worn. Some pencil markings.

[ ATA: 58626 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

DALAI LAMA. Opening the Eye of New Awareness. London 1985. 141 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 30209 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

DALAI LAMA. Ett öppet hjärta. Att visa medkänsla i vardagslivet. Stockholm 2003. 183 s. Ill. Förlagsinbunden med skyddsomslag. Mycket gott skick.

[ ATA: 34598 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

DANIÉLOU, Alain, Le bétail des dieux et autres contes gangétiques. Buchet/ Chastel 1983. 303pp. Softcover. Slightly worn.

[ ATA: 57230 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

DANIELOU, Alain, Les quatre sens de la vie et La structure sociale de l´Inde traditionelle. Buchet/ Chastel 1984. 214pp. Softcover, Red and blue markings.

[ ATA: 58018 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

DE BARY, WM. Theodore (ed.), The Unfolding of Neo-Confusianism. Columbia University Press 1970. xiv, 593 (5) pp. Publisher's red cloth. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43841 ] Pris: 400 kr SEK

DE BARY, WM. Theodore (ed.), Self and Society in Ming Thought. Columbia University Press 1970. xii, 550 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43843 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

DE BARY, WM. Theodore / Irene Bloom (ed.), Principle and Practicality: Essays in Neo-Confusianism and Practical Learning. Columbia University Press 1979. xvi, 544 p. Publisher's cloth with dj. In good condition.

[ ATA: 43842 ] Pris: 400 kr SEK

DE BARY, WM. Theodore, The Message and the Mind in Neo-Confucianism. Columbia University Press 1989. XV, 292 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43837 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

DE BARY, WM. Theodore, Neo-Confusian and Orthodoxy and the Learning of the Mind-and-Heart. Columbia Universuty Press 1981. xviii, 267 (5) pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 43839 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

DE FAYE, Eugène, Gnostiques et gnosticisme. Étude qritique des documents du gnosticisme chrétien aux IIe et IIIe siècles. Paris 1925. 546 (1) pp. Private half calf. Some marks with pencil at margins. Stain to lower part of spine; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 29313 ] Pris: 2000 kr SEK

DEBRAY, Régis, Les communions humaines. Pour en finir avec la religion. Fayard 2005. 159pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56392 ] Pris: 90Kr SEK

DIEHL, Carl Gustav, Instrument and Purpose: Studies on Rites and Rituals in South India. Lund 1956. 395 pp. Original wrappers.

[ ATA: 30332 ] Pris: 250 kr SEK

DIRON. Backuskulten genom tiderna. Stockholm 1924. 94 s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 29727 ] Pris: 90 kr SEK

DOJUN COOK, Francis, How to Raise an Ox: Zen Practice As Thaught in Zen Master Dogen's Shobogenzo. Los Angeles 1978. xvi, 211 (7) pp. Softcover. Some pencil underlining.

[ ATA: 42611 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

DORESSE, Jean, Les livres secrets des gnostiques d'Égypte. Introduction aux écrits gnostiques coptes découverts à Khénboskion. Paris 1958. VIII, 374 pp. Ill. Softcover. Spine worn. Prev. owner's bookplate.

[ ATA: 29335 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

DORESSE,Jean, Les livres secrets des gnostiques d`Egypte. Èditions du Rocher 1984. (8),VIII,382pp. Softcover. A few pencil markings.

[ ATA: 56141 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

DOYLE, Eric, St. Francis and the Song of Brotherhood. Allen & Unwin 1980. (14),207pp. Publisher´s hard cover with dust jacket. Name on fly leaf. A few pencil annotations.

[ ATA: 54035 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

DROBIN, Ulf, Indogermanische Religion und Kultur? Eine Analyse des Begriffs indogermanischen. Stockholm 1980. 15 pp. Original wrappers.

[ ATA: 31977 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

DROBIN, Ulf, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Epistemology: Some Reflections. Stockholm 1982. pp. 263-274. Original wrappers.

¶ Reprint from Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis XI.

[ ATA: 31978 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

DUFRESNE, Michel, Nostradamus. Deuxième centurie. Éditions JCL, 1991. 266pp. Softcover. Stamped: Sevice de presse,

[ ATA: 56266 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

DUMÉZIL, Georges, Heur et malheur du guerrier. Aspects mythiques de la fonction guerrière chez les Indo-Européens. Deuxième édition, remaniée. Flammarion 1985. 236pp. Softcover. Nouvelle bibliothèque scientifique.

[ ATA: 57252 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

DUMOULIN, Heinrich (ed.), Buddhismus der Gegenwart. Freiburg Herder 1970. 232 pp. Publisher's cloth with dj. Dj is worn to edges.

[ ATA: 42555 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

DUMOULIN, Heinrich, Zen Enlightenment: Origins and Meaning. New York 1979. xii, 176 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 42613 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

DUPONT- SOMMER, André, Les écrits esséniens découverts près de la Mer Morte. Quatrième édition revue et augmentée. Payot 1983. 466pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56164 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

DUSSAUD, René, Utgrävningarna i Ras Schamra och Gamla Testamentet. Stockholm 1937. 151 s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 29956 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

DUTT, Sukumar, The Buddha and Five After-Centuries. London Luzac & Company 1957. xxiii, 259 (1) pp. Ill. Publisher's green cloth. Signature to front fly leaf; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 44722 ] Pris: 900kr SEK

EDHOLM, Erik af, Jñânacksus. Om vision och vetande i indiskt religiöst tänkande. Uppsala 1989. ca 170 pp. Softcover

[ ATA: 7695 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

EDSMAN, Carl-Martin, Människan och det heliga. Religionshistoriska småskisser. Carlssons 1995. 245 s. Förlagsinbunden. Exlibris

[ ATA: 7693 ] Pris: 50 kr SEK

EDSMAN, Carl-Martin, HAMBRAEUS, Leif, MELLANDER, Olof (red), Kultur, religion och nutrition. En seminarieserie arrangerad vid Institutionen för näringslära, Uppsala universitet vårterminen 1981. Uppsala 1983. 361s. Häftad.

¶ Bidrag av Lillemor Abrahamsson, Axel-Ivar Berglund, Åke Bruce, Carl-Gustaf Diehl, Carl-Martin Edsman, Eva Evers-Rosander, Ezra Gebremedhin, Mehari Gebre-Medhin, Leif Hambraeus, Göte Hedenquist, Jan Hjärpe, Thomas K:son Hultberg, Anita Jacobson-Widding, Per Löwdin, Olof Mellander, Arne Oshaug, Bo Utas, Ruth Walldén.

[ ATA: 45743 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

EHMER, Manfred, Die Weisheit des Westens. Patmos Verlag 1998. 347,(5)pp. illustrated. Publishers hardcover with dust jacket.

[ ATA: 26351 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

ELIADE, Mircea, From Primitives to Zen. A Thematic Sourcebook on the History of Religions. Collins, London 1967. xxvi,645pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket, Hardcover. Name on fly leaf.

[ ATA: 54442 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

ENGNELL, Ivan, Studies in Divine Kingship in the Ancient Near East. Uppsala 1943. Omslaget daterat 1945. XVI, 249s. Softcover. Dedication to Thorild Dahlquist.

[ ATA: 59706 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

ENOMIYA, H. M. / S. J. Lassalle, Zen - Weg zur Erleuchtung. Hilfe zum Verständnis. Einführung in die Mediation. Wien 1971. 132 pp. Ill. Softcover. In good condition.

[ ATA: 32533 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

ENOMIYA, Hugo M., Zen-Buddhismus. Verlag J.P. Bachem in Köln 1966. 450pp. Publishers cloth with dust-jacket.

[ ATA: 11045 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

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