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ADDAS, Claude, Quest for the Red Sulphur. The Life of Ibn `Arabi. Translated from the French by Peter Kingsley. The Islamic Texts Society, 2005. Reprint. XIV, 347pp. Softcover. Text on covers partly faded. Otherwise Very Good. Golden Palm Series.

[ ATA: 59529 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

AHARONI, Yohanan, The Land of The Bible: A Historical Geography. Second Revised Edition. London 1979. xviii, 482 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Some pencil underlining. Dj price clipped; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 44217 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

AITKEN, Robert, The Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics. San Francisco 1984. xiv, 199 pp. Softcover. In good condition.

[ ATA: 30300 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

AL RASCHID BEY, Omar, Das hohe Ziel der Erkenntnis. Aranada Upanishad. R. Piper München 1917. 2. Auflage. XVI,173pp. Large octavo. Publishers vellum backed boards.

[ ATA: 44014 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

AL-JILANI, Shaikh `Abd Al-Qadir, Purification of the Mind. (Jila´ Al- Khatir). Translated by Shetha Al-Dargazelli/ Louay Fatoohi. Second Edition, Revised and Improved Translation. Luna Plena Publishing,, Birmingham, 2008. xiv,180pp. Softcover. Very Good apart from a slight crease on the upper cover.

[ ATA: 58702 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

ALI, Tariq, The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity. London 2002. x, 342 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj. Pencil underlining; else in good condition.

[ ATA: 42283 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

ALLEGRO, John, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Reapprasial. Penguin Books 1966. 208 pp. Ill. Paperback. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 42255 ] Pris: 75 kr SEK

AMIR-MOEZZI, Mohammad, Le guide divin dans le shî´isme originel. Aux sources de l´ésotérisme en Islam. Verdier 1992. 379pp. Softcover. A few pencilmarkings.

[ ATA: 56400 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

ANDRAE, Tor / Geo Widengren, Muhammed. Hans liv och hans tro. Natur och Kultur, Stockholm, 1967. 214 s. Pocket. Blyertsstreckad.

[ ATA: 29720 ] Pris: 50Kr SEK

ANDRAE, Tor, Die Frage der religiösen Anlage. Religionsgeschichtlich beleuchtet. Uppsala 1932. 79 pp. Soft cover. Bookplate and name on titlepage. Some underlining and marginal notes.

[ ATA: 12984 ] Pris: 100 Kr SEK

ANDREWS, Richard/ SCHELLENBERGER, Paul, The Tomb of God. The Body of Jesus and the Solution to a 2,000-Year-Old Mystery. Little, Brown and Company, Great Britain, 1996. XII,513pp. + plates + folding map. Publisher´s hardcover with dustjacket Stain on the first leaf. Slightly soiled front edge.

[ ATA: 58770 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

ARBERRY, A. J., (ed.), Religion in the Middle East I-II. Cambridge University Press 1976. 2 vol. 595 + 750 pp. ll. Publisher's hardcover with dj.

[ ATA: 18620 ] Pris: 500 kr SEK

ARKOUN, Mohammed, Contribution a l´étude de l´humanisme arabe au IVe/ Xe siècle: Miskawayh (320/ 325-421) = (932/ 936-1030) philosophe et historien. Librairie philosophique J. Vrin, Paris, 1970. 387pp. Softcover. Études muselmanes XII. Directeurs: Et. Gilson/ L. Gardet.

[ ATA: 58609 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

ARNOLD, Paul, Il libro dei morti Maya. Roma 1980. 220 pp. Ill. Softcover. In good condition.

[ ATA: 31533 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

ARVON, Henri, Buddhismen. Allhambra 1993. 127 s. Pocket.

¶ Förlagsny.

[ ATA: 24243 ] Pris: 40 kr SEK

ARVON, Henri, Le Bouddhisme. Paris 1962. 128 pp. Original wrappers. Signature. Pages with underlining.

[ ATA: 43856 ] Pris: 40 kr SEK

ATHAR, Shahid, Islamic Perspectives in Medicine. A Survey of Islamic Medicine: Achievments & Contemorary Issues. American Trust Publications, 1993. 220. Softcover. Slightly scuffed outer cornsers. Very Good.

[ ATA: 58804 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

AYIM-ABOAGYE, Desmond, The Function of Myth in Akan Healing Experience. Uppsala 1993. 200pp. Original wrappers.

[ ATA: 10049 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

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