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SCHALÉN, Carl, Theoretical investigations on reflection nebulae. Uppsala 1953. 25,(3)pp. Quarto. Original printed wrappers. Nova acta regiae societatis scientiarum upsaliensis. Ser. IV. Vol.15. N:o 10.

[ ATA: 53755 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

SCHILLER, Bernt, ODÉN, Birgitta, Statistik för historiker. Almqvist & Wiksell 1970. 306s. Häftad. Några blyertsunderstrykningar.

[ ATA: 46214 ] Pris: 80Kr SEK

SCHNEIDER, Erich, Pricing and Equilibrium: An Introduction to Static and Dynamic Analysis. Unwin University Books 1969. 375 pp. Paperback.

[ ATA: 12646 ] Pris: 75 Kr SEK

SCHUTZ, Bernard F., A First Course in General Relativity. Cambridge University Press 1999 reprint. xiv,376pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 55725 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SEITZ, Frederick, The Modern Theory of Solids. Dover 1987. 698 pp. Paperback.

[ ATA: 9650 ] Pris: 125 Kr SEK

SESMAT, Augustin, Le système absolu classique et les mouvements réels. Étude historique et critique Hermann, Paris 1936. 691pp. Softcover. Worn cover. Some pencil markings.

[ ATA: 56379 ] Pris: 650Kr SEK

SHILOV, Georgi E., An Introduction to the Theory of Linear Spaces. Prentice-Hall 1965. x, 310 pp. Publisher's black cloth. Name on fly leaf. Underlinings in pencil. Upper right corner slightly bumped.

[ ATA: 15004 ] Pris: 125 Kr SEK

SIEGBAHN, Kai / Hilding Slätis, The Radiation From Active Nitrogen. With 12 Figures In The Text. Stockholm 1945. 32 pp. Original wrappers. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 49687 ] Pris: 400kr SEK

SIMMONS, Georg F., Differential Equations with Applications and Historical Notes. Second edition, McGraw-Hill 1991. xxvi,629pp. Soft covers. Some markings with high-lightning.

[ ATA: 9673 ] Pris: 100 Kr SEK

SINGH, Jagjit, Mathematical Ideas: Thier Nature and Use. London 1959. 312 pp. Publisher's cloth. Worn spine.

[ ATA: 14141 ] Pris: 250 Kr SEK

SJÖSTEDT, C. E., Vocabularie Mathematic. 87 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dj.

[ ATA: 14146 ] Pris: 200 Kr SEK

SJÖSTEDT, C. E., Kurvor och kurvkonstruktioner. Natur och Kultur 1948. 80s. Häftad.

[ ATA: 56133 ] Pris: 50Kr SEK

SLÄTIS, Hilding, On Neutron-Induced Activities In Caesium. Stockholm 1945. 12pp. Original printed wrappers. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 49690 ] Pris: 150kr SEK

SOMMERFELD, Arnold, Wellenmechanik. Frederick Ungar, New York, no date. X, 520pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Slightly worn.

[ ATA: 59326 ] Pris: 400Kr SEK

SOURIAU, Jean-Marie, Calcul linéaire. Contient la solution détaillée des exercises. Deuxième édition. Éditions Jacques Gabay 1992. Réimpression. 523,XVpp. Printed in double columns, 2 pp. per page. Oblong. Softcover. Small weak crease on upper cover.

[ ATA: 56533 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SPEISER, A., Theorie der Gruppen von endlicher Ordnung. Berlin, Springer 1923. VIII, 191, (5)pp. Publishers cloth. Slightly soiled boards.

[ ATA: 11741 ] Pris: 200Kr SEK

SPISANI, Franco, General Theory of Directed Numbers / Teoria Generale dei Numeri Relativi. Testo Bilingue. Bologna 1983. 247 (7) pp. Original wrappers. Upper right corner heavily bumped. Ex library copy with one stamp.

[ ATA: 46856 ] Pris: 100kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Rèsultats des calculs numériques des trajectoires des corpuscules électrques dans le champ d´un aimant élémentaire I-III. Jacob Dybwad, Kristiania 1913-1914. (4),74,pp.2 plates + (4),58pp.8 plates + (4),64pp.15 plates. Original wrappers. Stamped on upper covers.

[ ATA: 28319 ] Pris: 900Kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Les équations explicites de la trajectorie d´un corpuscule électrique dans le champ d´un seul pôle magnétique. Christiania, Dybwad 1909. 11,(1)pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front wrapper. Folding crease.

[ ATA: 34251 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Les équations explicites de la trajectorie d´un corpuscule électrique dans le champ d´un seul pôle magnétique. Christiania, Dybwad 1909. 11,(1)pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front wrapper.

[ ATA: 34252 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Quelques théorèmes généraux sur le mouvement d´un corpuscule électrique dans un champ magnétique I-II. Kristiania 1912-1916. 32 + 40pp. Printed original wrappers. Stamped on front covers.

[ ATA: 34271 ] Pris: 450Kr SEK

STEBBING, L. Susan, A Modern Elementary Logic. Second edition. London 1946. viii, 214 pp. Publisher's cloth with worn dj.

[ ATA: 48870 ] Pris: 90kr SEK

STENBERG, E. A., Einige eigenschaften der linearen und homogenen Differentialgleichungen. Helsingfors 1885. (4), 75, (3)pp. Quarto. Sewn as issued.

[ ATA: 40363 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

STEPHENSON, G., An Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students. New York 1986. 164 pp. Paperback.

[ ATA: 23834 ] Pris: 125 kr SEK

STIEFEL, Eduard L., An Introduction to Numerical Mathematics. New York 63. x, 286 pp. + 30 pp. booklate of problems. Publisher's cloth. Good condition.

[ ATA: 27559 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

STOLT, Bengt, Über Axiomensysteme die eine Abstrakte Gruppe Bestimmen. Uppsala 1953. 99 pp. Soft covers.

[ ATA: 9669 ] Pris: 90 Kr SEK

SVENONIUS, Lars, Some Problems in Logical Model-Theory. Lund 1960. 43 pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy with stamps. Text is clean and in good condition.

[ ATA: 2087 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

SYNGE, J.L., The Relativistic Gas. Amsterdam 1957. 108 pp. Publisher's hardcover.

[ ATA: 9665 ] Pris: 400Kr SEK

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