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CAHEN, E., Éléments de la théorie des nombres. Congruences. - Formes quadratiques. - Nombres incommensurables. - Qustions diverses. Paris, Gauthier-Villars 1900. VIII,403,(1)pp. Half cloth. Hard cover. Ownership plate and stamp on inside of front cover. A few pencil markings.

[ ATA: 50683 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

CARLSSON, Lars-Göran, INGVES, Hans, ÖHMAN, Kerstin, ANDRÉN, Lars, Tetra C. Gleerups 2000. 318,(2)s. Illustrerad. Häftad.

[ ATA: 16743 ] Pris: 75Kr SEK

CARSLAW, H. S., Introduction to the Theory of Fourier's Series and Integrals. New York 1930. xiii, 368 pp. Publisher's hardcover. Signature. Some underling in blue.

[ ATA: 29373 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

CARTAN, Élie, Lecons sur la théorie des spineurs I-II. I: Les spineurs de l´espace a trois dimensions. II: Les spineurs de l´espace A n>3 dimensions. Les spineurs en géométrie Riemannienne. D´après des notes recueillies et rédigées par André Mercier. Paris, Hermann & Cie 1938. 98 + 96pp. Half cloth. Hardcover. 2 parts bound together in one volume. Actualités scientifiques et industrielles 643 & 701. Exposés de géométrie IX & XI.

[ ATA: 54541 ] Pris: 900Kr SEK

CHARLIER, C. V. L., Vorlesungen über die Grundzüge der matematischen Statistik. Lund 1920. 127 pp. Half cloth. Text on spine damaged.

[ ATA: 26639 ] Pris: 100 kr SEK

CHEVALLEY, C., The Construction and Study of Certain Important Algebras. The Mathematical Society of Japan 1955. vi,64pp. Publisher´s soft cover. Name on fly leaf.

[ ATA: 54024 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

CHORLTON, F., Textbook of Dynamics. John Wiley 1977. 263pp. Paperback. Name and date on first page.

[ ATA: 6459 ] Pris: 125Kr SEK

CLÉRO, Jean-Pierre, Les raisons de la fiction. Les philosophes et les mathématiques Armand Colin 2004. 640pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 56399 ] Pris: 350Kr SEK

CLARKE, Frank H., Optimization and Nonsmooth Analysis. John Wiley & Sons, A Wiley-Interscience Publication, 1983. xvi, 308pp. Publisher´s decorated cloth. No dustjacket. Hardcover. Small markings on Title page, otherwise Very Good. Canadian Mathematical Society Series of Monographs and Advanced Texts.

[ ATA: 59344 ] Pris: 500Kr SEK

CLAUSIUS, R., Die Potentialfunction und das Potential. Ein Beitrag zur matematischen Physik. Vierte Auflage. Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1885.. X,178pp. Flexible cloth. ( C. A. Ömanssons bokbinderi Upsala). Från Smålands Nations Bibliotek Upsala.

[ ATA: 56134 ] Pris: 300Kr SEK

CLEMMOW, P. C., An Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory. Cambridge at the University Press 1973. xii,297pp. Publisher´s hardcover. No dustjacket. Pencil markings.

[ ATA: 55718 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

CODDINGTON, Earl A./ LEVINSON, Norman, Theory of Differential Equations. MCGRAW HILL, 1955. xiv, 429pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Hardcover. Lower right corner slightly bumped. Names on f.f.e.p. Very Good.

[ ATA: 59963 ] Pris: 250Kr SEK

COHN, P. M., Lie Groups. Cambridge University Press 1961. viii,164pp. Publisher´s soft cover. Price clipped. Signature on fly leaf. A few pencil markings.

[ ATA: 54020 ] Pris: 150Kr SEK

COLLOCOTT, T. C. / A. B. Dobson (ed.), Chambers Dictionary of Science and Technology. Edinburgh, Chambers, 1974. 1328 pp. Publisher's hardcover with dust-jacket in original cassette. Very good condition.

[ ATA: 864 ] Pris: 200 Kr SEK

COPSON, E. T., An Introduction to the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1962. Reprint with corrections of the 1935 edition. (6), 448pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dustjacket. Hardcover. Faded spine. Names on f.f.e.p.

[ ATA: 59977 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

CRAMÉR, Harald, Sannolikhetskalkylen och några av dess användningar. Almqvist & Wiksell 1951. 256s. Förlagets klotband. Namn. Några röda och blyerts-understykningar.

[ ATA: 11690 ] Pris: 100Kr SEK

CUNDY, H. M. / A. P. Rollett, Mathematical Models. Third Edition. Norfolk 1981. 286 pp. Softcover.

[ ATA: 27352 ] Pris: 150 kr SEK

CURTIS, Harvey L., Electronical Measurements. Precise Comparisons of Standards and Absolute Determinations of the Units. McGraw-Hill 1937. 302 pp. Publisher's hardcover. Upper corner slightley bumped.

[ ATA: 9533 ] Pris: 200 Kr SEK

CZUBER, Emanuel, Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und ihre Anwendung auf Fehlerausgleichung Statistik und Lebensversicherung I-II. I: Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie Fehlerausgleichung Kollektivmasslehre. Mit 25 Figuren im Text. II: Mathematische Statistik Mathematische Grundlagen Der Lebensversicherung. Mit 34 Figuren im Text. Vol I: Dritte sorgfältig durchgesehene und erweiterte Auflage. Vol II: Zweite, sorgfältig durcgesehene und erweiterte Auflage. Teubner 1914, 1910. XII,462,(4) + X,470,(4)pp. Illustrated. Vol I in pu Title page of vol I with mended tear. A few pencil linings.

[ ATA: 48647 ] Pris: 450Kr SEK

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