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SÖRENSEN, Knud Erik, Astronomi til almanakbehov. Herning 1986. 127 s. Ill. Häftad.

¶ 18194

[ ATA: 100 kr ] Pris: Herning 1986. SEK

SABATIER, P. C. (ed.) Applied Inverse Problems. Lectures presented at the RCP 264 in Montpellier. Springer-Verlag, 1978. VI, 425pp. Softcover. Names: Nann and Olle Fröman on Titlepage. Upper right corner bumped-

¶ 59041

[ ATA: 125Kr ] Pris: Springer-Verlag, 1978. SEK

SAMUELSSON, Carl, Studien über die Wirkungen des Windes in den Kalten und Gemäsigten Erdteilen. Uppsala 1926. 230 pp. Softcover. Very good condition. Presentation copy to the Nobel prize winner The Svedberg'.

¶ 26099

[ ATA: 150 kr ] Pris: Uppsala 1926. SEK

SCHAEFER, Cl. / F. Matossi, Das ultrarote Spektrum. Mit 161 Abbildungen. Berlin 1930. 400 pp. Publisher's printed cloth.

¶ 26100

[ ATA: 200 kr ] Pris: Berlin 1930. SEK

SCHERRER, P. / P. Stoll, Physikalische Übungsaufgaben II. Optik, Thermodynamik, Elektrostatik. Mannheim 1963. 103 pp. Softcover. Signature to front fly leaf.

¶ 30476

[ ATA: 50 kr ] Pris: Mannheim 1963. SEK

SCHERRER, P. / P. Stoll, Physikalische Übungsaufgaben I. Mechanik und Akustik. Mannheim 1962. 96 pp. Softcover. Signature.In good condition.

¶ 44901

[ ATA: 50kr ] Pris: Mannheim 1962. SEK

SCHILLING, Friedrich, Über die Nomographie von M. D'ocagne. Eine Einführung in dieses Gebiet. Mit 28 Abbildungen. Leipzig 1917. 47 pp. Original wrappers. Spine worn. Front wrapper with one crease.

¶ 32908

[ ATA: 300 kr ] Pris: Leipzig 1917. SEK

SCHMEIDLER, Werner, Linear Operators in Hilbert Space. Translation by Jay Strum-Revised and edited by A. Shenitzer and D. Solitar. Academic Press, New York and London, 1965. x, 122pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Hardcover. Fröman´s copy.

¶ 59960

[ ATA: 250Kr ] Pris: Academic Press, New York and London, 1965. SEK

SCHMIDT, Carl A. (ed.), The Chemistry of the Amino Acids and Proteins. Springfield 1938. xxiv, 1031 (3) pp. Publisher's red cloth. Signature. Helge Tyrén's copy.

¶ 44859

[ ATA: 200kr ] Pris: Springfield 1938. SEK

SCHMIDT, Carl L. A. (ed.), Addendum to The Cemistry of the Amino Acids and Proteins. Inclusive of Some Advances Since 1937. Springfield 1943. xii, pp. 1035-1290 (2). Publisher's cloth with dj. In good condition.

¶ 44787

[ ATA: 100kr ] Pris: Springfield 1943. SEK

SCHRIEFFER, J. Robert, Theory of Superconductivity. W. A. Benjamin, 1964. xiv, 282pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Hardcover. Names on front free endpaper. Worn/ slightly damaged dustjacket. Pencil underlinings.

¶ 59466

[ ATA: 200Kr ] Pris: W. A. Benjamin, 1964. SEK

SCHUTZ, Bernard F., A First Course in General Relativity. Cambridge University Press 1999 reprint. xiv,376pp. Softcover.

¶ 55725

[ ATA: 200Kr ] Pris: Cambridge University Press 1999 reprint. SEK

SCHWINGER, J., Particles and Sources. Notes by Tung-mow Yan. Gordon and Breach, 1969. viii,91pp. Publisher´s hardcover. Name on front free endpaper. Very Good.

¶ 58750

[ ATA: 200Kr ] Pris: Gordon and Breach, 1969. SEK

SEGRÈ, E. (ed.), Experimental Nuclear Physics I - III. John Wiley 1953, 1953, 1959. x,789 + viii,600 + x,811pp. Publisher´s cloth. No dust jackets. 3 volumes. Name on fly leafs.

¶ 58110

[ ATA: 750Kr ] Pris: John Wiley 1953, 1953, 1959. SEK

SEGRÈ, Emilio. From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves. Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries. W. H. Freeman, New York, 1984. Third Printing. xii,298pp. Illustrated. Softcover. A few pages with pencil underlinings. Name on front free endpaper.

¶ 58319

[ ATA: 100Kr ] Pris: W. H. Freeman, New York, 1984. Third Printing. SEK

SELLIN, I. A. (Ed.). Structure and Collisions of Ions And Atoms. Springer-Verlag, 1978. XII, 350pp. Publiseher´s decorated hardcover Very Good. Fröman´s copy. Contributions by: I. A. Sellin, S.J. Brodsky, P.J. Mohr, L. Armstrong Jr., J.S. Briggs, K. Taulbjerg, N. Stolterfoht, P.H. Mokler, F. Folkmann, I. A. Sellin, S. Datz.

¶ 59044

[ ATA: 250Kr ] Pris: Springer-Verlag, 1978. SEK

SESMAT, Augustin, Le système absolu classique et les mouvements réels. Étude historique et critique Hermann, Paris 1936. 691pp. Softcover. Worn cover. Some pencil markings.

¶ 56379

[ ATA: 650Kr ] Pris: Hermann, Paris 1936. SEK

SIEGBAHN, Kai / Hilding Slätis, The Radiation From Active Nitrogen. With 12 Figures In The Text. Stockholm 1945. 32 pp. Original wrappers. Very good condition.

¶ 49687

[ ATA: 400kr ] Pris: Stockholm 1945. SEK

SIEGBAHN, Kai, et al, ESCA. Atomic, Molecular and Solid State Structure Studied by Means of Electron Spectroscopy Uppsala 1967. 282pp. Quarto. Illustrated. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Nova Acta Regiae Societatis scientiarium upsaliensis. Ser. IV. Vol. 20. Contributions by: Kai Siegbahn, Carl Nordling, Anders Fahlman, Ragnar Nordberg, Kjell Hamrin, Jan Hedman, Gunilla Johansson, Torsten Bergmark, Sven-Erik Karlsson, Ingvar Lindgren, Bernt Lindberg.

¶ 58284

[ ATA: 500Kr ] Pris: Uppsala 1967. SEK

SMITH, Howard M., Principles of Holography. Wiley-Interscience (1968). xiv,239pp. Illustrated., Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Signature on fly leaf.

¶ 54892

[ ATA: 100Kr ] Pris: Wiley-Interscience (1968). SEK

SPISANI, Franco, General Theory of Directed Numbers / Teoria Generale dei Numeri Relativi. Testo Bilingue. Bologna 1983. 247 (7) pp. Original wrappers. Upper right corner heavily bumped. Ex library copy with one stamp.

¶ 46856

[ ATA: 100kr ] Pris: Bologna 1983. SEK

SQUIRES, E. J., Complex Angular Momenta and Particle Physics. W. A. Benjamin, 1963. xii,161pp. Publisher´s cloth with dustjacket. Name on front free endpaper. Small tears on dustjacket.

¶ 58754

[ ATA: 200Kr ] Pris: W. A. Benjamin, 1963. SEK

SQUIRES, G. L., Problems in quantum mechanics with solutions. Cambridge University Press, 1995. x,254pp. Softcover. Very Good.

¶ 58751

[ ATA: 200Kr ] Pris: Cambridge University Press, 1995. SEK

STÖRMER, Carl, Les équations explicites de la trajectorie d´un corpuscule électrique dans le champ d´un seul pôle magnétique. Christiania, Dybwad 1909. 11,(1)pp. Original wrappers. Ex library copy. Stamped on front wrapper. Folding crease.

¶ 34251

[ ATA: 250Kr ] Pris: Christiania, Dybwad 1909. SEK

STENIUS, Einar, Ueber Minimalflächenstücke, deren Begrenzung von zwei geraden und einer Ebene gebildet wird. Helsingfors 1892. (2), 72pp. + 4 Tafeln.

¶ 40362

[ ATA: 350Kr ] Pris: Helsingfors 1892. SEK

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